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Distance Learning Made Possible ( 100% online learning)

The Online Education Experience

With an education framework that is based entirely online, Northern Florida University has broken through the shackles of tradition by providing students and working adults alike a high-performing, technologically efficient online academic system; a system that allows aspiring professionals like you to access your chosen course content at the time and place of your choosing with utmost convenience and flexibility.

The curriculum promoted at Northern Florida University has been designed to as per our highly efficient distance learning module such that students around the world can, without any hassle, access their academic program anywhere and anytime. Students can enhance their learning curves from the comfort of their own homes, without compromising on their day-to-day activities. With help from effective tools such as streaming audio, video, chat rooms, bulletin boards and other online communication tools, students can attain maximum benefits of a real university education that is purely online!

Northern Florida University’s distance learning program is dedicated to providing engaging educational experiences to students everywhere. Our industry-responsive academic programs have been tailor-made to do just that; listed below are our highly efficient and high quality academic programs for you to take a look.

Our Industry Responsive Programs

  • degree programs

  • Diploma Program

  • certificate programs

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