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Student & Alumni Services

Student & Alumni Services

Stay Connected & Enjoy a Life Long Relationship

We know how important your goals are to you. That is why we never stop providing you with a system that enables you to fully develop and grow, academically as well as professionally. We provide you with long-term student support along with various academic methodologies via a state-of-the-art technological platform so that your study journey remains smooth throughout the length of your tenure with Northern Florida.

Our student and alumni services aim to enable students attain academic and professional success, instill the art of networking, developing the ability to overcome challenging career obstacles and so much more, all within the realm of utmost comfort and convenience. Student counselors at Northern Florida are always available to advise and encourage students in virtually every aspect of their academic career. They will help you identify your skills, motivations and career interests; provide information on careers and further education options; assist with decision-making and action plans to reach your career goals and as you graduate, our alumni support team comes into play helping you develop career self-presentation skills - help with CVs, job search, the application process and interview skills; career skills you require to land the right job, as well as recommending you jobs that best fit your profile.
The Student & Alumni service is a collaborative, university-wide unit that provides resources to support and enhance the academic experience.
Northern Florida’s 4,400 alumni share a journey and are different, unshakeable and grounded; and leaders in their fields, entrepreneurs, healers, educators, innovators.

Some of the Student & Alumni Services offered at Northern Florida University are listed below:

Student & Alumni Services at University

Some of the Student & Alumni Services offered at University are listed below:

Financial Aid

University offers financial aid packages on an annual basis to students on a need and merit basis so they can bear the cost of their education.

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Student & Alumni Consultancy

Our Student & Alumni advisors are available round the clock to assist you and provide an answer to every single query or concern you may have.

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Career Placement Services

Through its job placement services, University is able to refer its students to numerous corporate organizations around the world..

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Credit Transfers

Students are given the opportunity to equate courses they have studied previously with the courses offered in their program, reducing time and fee.

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Dedicated Student & Alumni Area

Students & Graduates will be given their own personal space where they will be able to manage their courses, timetable, and do other administrative work.


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