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School of Performing Arts

With its students already making an impact in fields of both music and theatre, Northern Florida’s School of Performing Arts offers an experience that allows students to uncover their inner potential and polish their musical and artistic talents. We at Northern Florida arm students with skills that help them carve their own niche in their chosen field, ultimately enabling them to realize their professional objectives. With training provided by experienced artistes of various genres amidst a highly positive learning environment, students looking to make their mark in the field of either music or theatre can hope to gain maximum benefit in terms of knowledge and skills.

We deliver world-class training in music, allowing students to delve into its many dimensions and learn more about the science, skill and technique of creating music.


Below are the fee structure and time required to complete the programs in School of Performing Arts:

  • Degree program fees: $4,500 - $14,400 Time: less than 1 year
  • Diploma program fees: $2,700 - $4,500 Time: less than 5 months
  • Certificate program fees: $499 - $1,800 Time: less than 3 months


Faculty at Northern Florida’s School of Performing Arts come from some of the world’s top learning institutions and are highly experienced in the fields of both music and theatre. Each faculty member provides students with an environment that helps them to develop their creative as well as their intuitive abilities that allows them to fully understand the aesthetic applications of music. The academic platform at provides local, national & international interaction and development of individual ideas through an open and free exchange within the program of study.

The scope of performing arts has widened, over the years. As a result, many educational institutes and universities in all over the world have included courses in the field of performing arts to their curriculum. You can earn the following average salary according to your chosen music field:

Majors Average Annual Salaries
Music $49,750 - $111,500

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