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School of Computer Science - Computer Science

In this fast paced world we all have witnessed technological leaps due to innovations in computer science. Northern Florida’s School of computer science equips students with essential and specialized skills, in depth academic knowledge and contemporary application practices. Our world’s best faculty prepares students to excel in their respective field by gaining wide range of computing skills. We aim to keep students at the forefront of their career by developing competence, ability and capability to deliver excellence in practical work. Our well rounded School of Computer Science educates students in a learning environment to instigate their career success.

We deliver world-class education in computer science, allowing students to expedite their professional growth and explore new horizons to create new opportunities.

Below are the fee structure and the time required to complete Computer Science programs at :
  • Degree program fees: $4,500 - $14,400 Time: less than 1 year
  • Diploma program fees: $2,700 - $4,500 Time: less than 5 months
  • Certificate program fees: $499 - $1,800 Time: less than 3 months

About Computer Science Major:

’s School of Computer Sciences offers online associates, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees with specialization in Computer Science. Our sought out curriculum strives to achieve excellence in creating, applying, and imparting knowledge in computer science through comprehensive educational programs. Read more


Faculty members at Northern Florida’s school of computer science trains students with well rounded and comprehensive knowledge to ensure they remain competitive among other in the industry. Our expert faculty creates a learning environment for students to fully understand computation and its application. The development of individual ideas takes place at local, national and international platforms to interact openly and freely within the program of study.

Computer Sciences is fascinating field which experiences growth and advancements on continuous basis. Computer science offers numerous opportunities for students who aspire to mark a difference with new discovery or innovation to create a positive impact on our lifestyles. Listed below are the average salary figures aspiring computer science professionals can receive once they enter the competitive job market:

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