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School of Business and Management

The field of business and management has been continuously evolving and impacting the way we conduct business activities as an entrepreneur or in an organization. Northern Florida’s School of business and management offers students a thorough and unsurpassed education with valuable skills and essential business knowledge. In a fast paced and dynamic world of business, Northern Florida aims to equip students with contemporary business theories, skills, management tools and techniques to jumpstart their career. With training from our highly qualified faculty, we help students develop critical thinking practice, decision making skills, operation management theories and entrepreneurial skills to enhance their career development.

We deliver world class education in business and management, allowing students to develop transferable skills to augment development opportunities to compete in global marketplace.


Below are the fee structure and time required to complete the programs in School of Business and Management :

  • Degree program fees: $4,500 - $14,400 Time: less than 1 year
  • Diploma program fees: $2,700 - $4,500 Time: less than 5 months
  • Certificate program fees: $499 - $1,800 Time: less than 3 months


Faculty at Northern Florida’s School of business and management comes from top and leading educational institutes having vast experience and contribution towards scholarly researches in their respective fields. Each faculty member provides students with an environment which expedite their learning of analytical skills, management techniques and business knowledge. The academic platform at provides local, national & international interaction and development of individual ideas through an open and free exchange within the program of study.

Business and management field opens doors to limitless opportunities for students to enter and further explore. Employers demand professionals who can run their business in highly competitive environment and take strategic decisions to stay ahead of others. Students also have the opportunity to start their own business at local or international level. Listed below are the average salary figures aspiring professionals in business and management look forward to get once they enter the vibrant job market:

Majors Average Annual Salaries
Human Resource Management$29,000 - $100,000
Marketing $29,000 - $100,000
Accounting$33,232 - $61,690
Finance $68,200 - $103,910
Business Administration / Management $42,960 - $119,260
Advertising $45,350 - $108,260
Project Management $83,860 - $115,780
Entrepreneurship $111,000 - $150,000
Quality Management $33,030 - $87,160
Hospitality Management $20,260 - $46,880
Product & Brand Management $79,534 - $106,098
Real Estate Management $42,680 - $51,480
Construction Management $83,860 - $125,980

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